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Women +Girls Research Alliance Report Identifies Key Findings on Issues Affecting Women and Girls in the Charlotte Metropolitan Region 


Charlotte, N.C. – June 20, 2023 – The Women + Girls Research Alliance , a unit of UNC Charlotte’s urbanCORE, unveiled key findings on issues impacting women and girls across the Charlotte metropolitan region. The alliance presented its findings during the “Taking Space Without Apology: A Women and Girls Leadership Café Data Report Luncheon” held Monday. 

Top findings, which resulted from the 2022 Leadership Café hosted by the W+GRA, revealed:

  • High rates of poverty and economic insecurity, particularly among women of color and single mothers 
  • High rates of certain health conditions, such as mental health disorders and maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Caregiving challenges, such as lack of paid parental leave and affordable childcare options
  • Harassment and violence including domestic violence
  • Disparities in healthcare access, quality and affordability
  • Workplace and school-based inequities, including gender-based pay gaps and exposure to career paths. 
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