Join the Urban Institute for the 2023-24 Schul Forum Series

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Across the Charlotte region, we are molded by the places we connect and the relationships we develop in those spaces. Our neighborhoods, schools, houses of worship, where we work, where we play, where we create – we shape them and they shape us. Beyond being a simple backdrop of our daily lives, recent research by the Opportunity Insights team, led by Raj Chetty of Harvard University, suggests that the places that enable cross-class friendships may have a role to play in improving economic mobility.

This year’s Schul Forum Series will explore the spaces where we connect in the Charlotte region, asking how those areas enable connection or create barriers to economic connectedness. We’ll not shy away from what’s in the ground that makes connecting across differences difficult, but we’ll also focus on identifying actions that we can take to facilitate relationships. Join us for the first of our virtual Schul Conversations on Oct. 26 at noon. Register here:

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